First One Down

It really feels like our own home now ‘cause on Saturday we hosted our first Grand Final BBQ. It was pretty amazing that we barely noticed almost 20 adults and as many kids, it made us realise just how big this place actually is when it can cope with those numbers and still have space for more.

It was a different day this year. Apart from missing some good friends the weather meant that, for possibly the first time ever, everyone was inside and actually watching the game. Unfortunately our pride and joy, the deck, only got to host people for five minutes before the rain hit, not that the kids seemed to mind. I did manage to get most of the cooking done without getting drenched and this year it was done before the bounce of the ball too, another first.

Miss Trish was missing so I had the honour of passing the Anthony Malloy Memorial Footy Tipping Competition trophy to this year’s winner, Michael Walker. Michael’s joy was short lived though as even a room full of screaming people couldn’t get the Saints over the line. Mind you Daniel didn’t seem to mind the result.

Like after all GFs we were absolutely buggered on Saturday night, and the dishes may have been around for a bit longer than they should have on Sunday, but we had a great day and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Hopefully next year there will be a bit more sunshine and the Walkers will be able to go home happy.

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