I’m very grumpy with someone I don’t know, he’s thrown my whole day out. When you spend time at home you get to know the rhythm of life on your street. Kids off to school, postie arriving, kids home, friends that visit across the road every Wednesday, neighbour home at 4 and put the garage up door up for the next arrival; that sort of thing.

Now the one thing I have factored in to my week is that the catalogues arrive Tuesday morning so it’s eggs, coffee and catalogues while the kids watch Play School. You can imagine my disappointment this morning when I went out the front and there were no catalogues to be found and I’m not sure the day has got back on track since.

It’s now afternoon and they’ve finally appeared, and just in time. I was falling asleep (thanks for the killer cold kids) so I’ve made my coffee and now it’s time for my version of window shopping, It’s the little things that keep you sane.

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