Thank God That’s Over

The Tigers played their final home game for 2009 last night and all I can say is thank god that season is over. I got no joy at all from the footy this year and if it hadn’t have been for my reserved seat I probably wouldn’t have gone to many games. As it is I didn’t see one win this year and the toll of turning up knowing we didn’t have a chance was just too much. I sat and shivered through the embarrassment that was our loss to Hawthorn but left at three quarter time. I used the excuse I wanted to beat the freeway closure but in all honesty I spent more time checking my phone than watching my team last night.

Given we can’t replace the entire team in one go there’s more years of this ahead. It’s going to be hard but I’ll keep my seat, renew my membership and hope that before too long going to a game will be something to look forward to, not something to endure.

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