It Had To Be This Weekend…

All last week I’d been looking forward to Saturday night. Rob is away living it up in Adelaide so Rae and I were off to the footy to see my Tiger boys take on West Coast, their first game under the new coach. Rae and I haven’t been to the footy together since the twins came along so it was going to be a great night until I woke up on Saturday morning.


My first attack in two years and it had to be yesterday. The day was lost waiting for a doctor’s appointment and sitting around not walking while the medicine tried to calm the pain. I’m so disappointed we didn’t get to go, sure, we won, which is great but a night at the foot with Rae, that’s what the weekend was going to be all about.

The pain has subsided a bit today with thanks to the wonderful drugs but I’m still hobbling and have missed a family trip to Sovereign Hill. Rae and Zita have taken all of the kids and I’m at home feeling sorry for myself. What rotten timing.

Oh, and Go Tigers.

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