Daniel’s Alphabetical Music

Daniel has started another meme, this one is the alphabetical musical meme and, basically, pick a song on your pod that you’re in to at the moment (or at random) and what are the next 9 songs. Time to discover what I actually have on the little wonder.

1. Sinner Man, Nina Simone. Channel 10 use an instrumental piece from this under their live footy scores. Amazing song.

2. Sister Golden Hair, America. When I was just a young lad my sister, Judy, gave me America’s Greatest Hits on vinyl. When Ventura Highway was featured in an episode of Veronica Mars I downloaded the album again.

3. Sister Madly, Crowded House. Reminds me of Moriah St, all those, um, decades ago. Still have the cassette in a box somewhere.

4. Sister Moon, Transvision Vamp. I don’t care. I still love Velveteen. First concert I saw in Melbourne when I moved down, at Festival Hall – not the ‘ooops, there goes my dress’ gig at The Metro.

5. Sister Winter, Sufjan Stevens. Genius. ‘nuff said.

6. Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves, Eurythmics May have been the second concert I saw after moving down to Melbourne. Not the strongest track of that album, but the final line is still great.

7. Sisters Of Mercy, Leonard Cohen. Not one I know that well.

8. Sit Down, James. I love this song – it’s a 10 minute live version. There is a special place reserved in hell for people who blow hooters at concerts.

9. Situation No Win, Big Audio Dynamite II. Is it just me or is there a lot of 80s music on this list… This is Rush (Change of Atmosphere) from the live Globe bootleg.

10. Size Of A Cow, The Wonderstuff. 80s English music. Again.

Not sure how indicative this is of my actual music tastes, no need to comment Miss Marita, but there you have it.

3 Replies to “Daniel’s Alphabetical Music”

  1. since Daniel mentioned Baba oReilly*
    (god I love The WHO)
    I feel I am OK wondering if music should be listed in a chronology based on language – surely the sequence should be based on Key or Tempo.
    I’m rooted in vinyl and while acknowledging the genius of Mr Ives, I fail to understand the iGen

    * “when the meaning of life becomes known, it could very well be a pure musical note.”
    one of them said that years ago.

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