8 Replies to “The View From The Deck”

  1. What the!

    You could do a whole series of these photos, just going around taking photos of work sites. Of course I don’t think its a very fair representation of what most builders look like…

    Actually….they look like pretty bad builders…the one with no shirt is wearing runners! Where are his boots!

  2. Hmmmm, nice play of light and shadows, though you should represent them properly with a full series of photos 😉

  3. Photo’s are great but next time send word out, (Bat signal style) cork the wine, I’ll bring the chocolate and that my friends constitutes a pretty good couple of hours 🙂

    Never mind the OH&S regulations ….

  4. Oy, can I come and ‘enjoy the view’ Tony? 😉 Lovely play of shadows and light, take a few more will you?

  5. Next time I’ll come over with a 24 pack of coke and they can pretend to be the Coke Man. Each and every one of them. Nummy.

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