Talking Dirty

It was a dirty day today, more so for Rae than me but we both got involved. It’s the continuation of the deck induced back yard work. When you have such a lovely deck you really can’t have it surrounded by dirt and weeds so over the past week we’ve flattened the back yard and today had a huge mound of top soil dumped out the front. Over the course of the day that mound has been moved, barrow load by barrow load, and spread over the back yard. Tomorrow we’ll flatten the new top soil out and then, with showers forecast for Sunday, we’ll toss some grass seed down and cross our fingers.

It’s amazing how different the place looks now, and it’s almost impossible to believe that with a bit of luck (and a bit of rain) we may even have a lawn of sorts for the kids to play on before winter hits. We’re getting there, slowly but surely.

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