You know, six people living in the house make a lot of dishes. Think breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks for the young ones in between, they all add up to a mountain off dishes. I stood at the sink washing the lunch dishes the other day and though ‘we need a dish washer’.

One of my sisters had already offered to lend us the money to buy one, but trying to keep debt down we said no. Still, it was great to know the offer was there and I was getting tempted to take Kate up on her generous offer. However my little sister rang yesterday – she found one for us that someone was getting rid of ‘only because my wife wants to get a stainless steel one’. Apparently it’s a give away but because I’ve done a fair bit of web work for her drama school in Shepparton she’s not telling me how much.

We’re going to pick it up some time this weekend and thanks to the kindness of my sisters we’ll be saving over half an hour of hassles every day. I’m a lucky brother.

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  1. Oh that is so nice! So handy to have sisters, isn’t it? I mean, after the toy stealing, the fights over the use of the bathroom and all that icky growing up stuff. 🙂

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