How Long Has It Been?

It must be a while. I was watching an ad on telly last night and thought, “oh wow, that would feel great”.

Yes, it was hot and steamy too; the ad was for an iron.

It’s over a year since I left work to be at home looking after the kids and running my own web development business. In that time I’ve attended two weddings so that’s a grand total of two crisply ironed shirts I’ve worn in over 12 months. My daily uniform is now shorts and t-shirt in summer and jeans and rugby tops in winter. I thought the only thing I missed about working was the people, but watching that shirt being ironed I now realise there’s something else I miss; dressing well.

Coping with the mess three young kids make over the course of the day means there’s just no point in going any where beyond jeans and something that doesn’t show up the stains too much but one day when they are all at school and I can concentrate on Between Coffees properly I look forward to moving back to ironed shirts and shoes that need polishing. Who knows, there may even be a tie thrown in every now and then for good measure. Ah, those will be the days.

6 Replies to “How Long Has It Been?”

  1. Yunno the damn ironing basket is overflowing, feel free to iron one of my shirts anytime. I love wearing freshly ironed shirts too!

  2. Don’t worry … we don’t wear ties anymore unless its a REALLY important meeting! serious.. except for KF, he’s still holding on. but then again, he’s still having a hard time letting go of VMS….

  3. So if I work with you, I get to stay home in my jeans and t-shirts too?

    Damn, I am SOOOOO getting those qualifications. (Bugger the job satisfaction, I need jeans. Every day.)

  4. When the girls were small I often fantisized about what I would do when they were older and I had more time . They did get older but I never had the extra time.

  5. Ren, you’d have both job satisfaction AND jeans all day – who could ask for more?

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