People. They all annoy me, well, except maybe for you.

I know we all break rules every now and then, push boundaires and play the odds BUT what sort of idiot does that when it’s a red light and they are in a car?

I had pulled up at the lights just as they turned red. I was sitting, minding my own business, looking at the RED disc on the lights opposite me when all of a sudden a car pulled up beside me but instead of stopping it just continued through. Now I have to reiterate, the light was red. Not orange, not just turned red, not just a little bit red but 100% solid-and-had-been-for-a-while red. They didn’t speed up, just kept on going.

What on earth!?!?

What could they have been thinking? What makes a person think that’s an okay thing to do – dicing with other people’s lives just because they feel like it? I don’t get it, I just don’t get it. And don’t get me started on drivers using mobile phone. Have you noticed they always seem to be driving expensive cars, the cars that cost enough to suggest the owner should probably be able to afford a $100 hands free? On the weekend we saw a guy driving a van, holding on to a phone as he went around a roundabout, while a passenger sat next to him. As I said, people!

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  1. The red light thing happens so often over here in the UK that it’s just not newsworthy. Makes me realise what a screwed-up society we live in here.

  2. Bah.. become a cyclist Tony………
    then u’ll see all sorts of crazy shite. that’s y all us cyclists dont obey the rules.. coz its safer not too sometimes!!!!!!

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