Be Careful What You Wish For

Two bizarre instances last week of ask and you shall receive.

The first was on Friday. I was at the shopping centre, having a coffee with my mother in law and her mum while the kids played on the pirate ship play equipment. Zita mentioned it was odd that she only knew a few people walking by.

Having just moved to the area I said “Well I’d be totally amazed if I saw anybody I knew.” 30 seconds later a guy walks up and says “I thought it was you Tony.” Yep, someone I knew – the father of one of Phee’s friends was just walking by. This guy lives back in Spotswood, miles away.

Then last night Rae and I were lying on the deck, looking at the stars. We were surprised at how, comparatively, dark it is out here and marvelling at the night time show when we both commented that we had never seen a shooting star. 30 seconds later a bright light streaked across the sky.

I then tried “I’ve never had a million dollars fall out of the sky and land next to me without damaging anything.” but it seems my luck had finally run out. Drats.

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