Espress Way To Happiness

A couple of weeks ago a great disaster befell the Malloy household. It had been building up for a couple of weeks and then one horrid, fateful day the worse happened – my Krups espresso machine stopped making coffee. The pump was shot.

Until it had gone I had no idea just how much we used that thing. Over the weekend it made our coffees, three or four each day and during the week it would make a couple each day for me. It must have saved us a fortune in takeaway coffees over this time; just two each over a weekend at, say, $3.80 is $15.20 a weekend, $60 a month, add in one a week for me and that’s about $75 a month saved. Wow, that’s a conservative $900 a year.

We tried to do without one, a cheap one was abandoned after two tries, and I only realise now that these two weeks without a machine were the two weeks where everything that could go wrong, did. Coincidence? I don’t think so.

Thanks to Target having a massive sale I’m hoping everything is going to turn around. I picked up a good little domestic machine and with the addition of some perfectly ground coffee we are well and truly back in business. I’m hoping that with my first latte this morning the project from hell will magically turn around, my outstanding accounts will be paid, the servers will stop playing silly buggers, my mastercard will pay itself off, the deck will give itself a second coat of oil, the clothes will put themselves away, the kids will nap for two hours in the afternoon, the toys will put themselves away, the back yard will level itself, the cars will do their own service, winter will decide ‘not this year’, the Tigers will win their first game and my office will arrange itself around me.

If anything can do this, coffee can.

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  1. Tony, hoping coffee can do all those things – except Richmond winning there first game of the season…

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