What A Week

Man, what a week. I don’t think I can add any more to the millions of words that have been written about the Victorian bushfires; the tragedy is so large as to be past my full comprehension. It’s only when you read stories direct from the survivors and firefighters that you understand the hell these people have been through. Listening to the CFA volunteers you realise there are truly good people in this world and no word of praise could do these brave people justice.

It’s times like this I wish I had some more practical skills, building websites isn’t much use to people who need a house constructed. I love working in the digital world but not for the first time I ponder the wisdom of kids ‘getting a trade’, however anyone who has seen me with a tool in my hand will know that never would have worked.

On the home front we had some fun this week with young Albert who ran out of floor as he belted through the house last Sunday. Of course where the floor finished the wall began, and it was the corner of a wall that cracked open his head. There was blood everywhere, an ambulance was called (with two turning up!) and then we spent a few hours at Sunshine’s emergency department. The little trooper had stitches put in to his head, thank god Rae had given him a buzz cut the day before and lucky for us Uncle Rob and Zita were on hand to look after the sleeping babes. It’s all healing well and the stitches should come out next Monday.

So as I sit here on the front step, with the smell of smoke in the air and an orange glow from the smoke filtered sun, I do some work, watch the kids play and hope this weekend will be quieter and safer for us and all Victorians.

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  1. Poor lad. I guess the layout of the house is not imprinted on his brain yet. Ah, um, and there is line in your post that nearly had me spit my coffee out, but not the time nor place perhaps.

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