Long Weekend

What a great break, three days of recharging the batteries. Saturday was visitors day. Daniel, Marita and Ren all propped over for afternoon tea and to check out the new house. All made lovely remarks about how lovely the new place is so are welcome back any time. Ren was even brave enough to try the first roast from the oven and after more favourable comments she’s welome back to dinner any time, After dinner it was movie time, Capote, a fantastic film that was made doubly enjoyable as I’ve almost finished In Cold Blood.

Sunday morning we packed the tribe and headed up to Shepp for a visit. Packimg in summer is so much easier,  only having to throw some t-shirts in a bag makes for less space and time. Lunch at mums, afternoon tea and then takeaway at my sister’s place, watching some tennis, drinking some beers, having the kids running around Aunty Helly’s until they literally drop and fall asleep where they lay down – a great way to spend a summer’s day.

This morning it was coffee, paper, kid wrangling, lunch and the drive home along with the thousands of others returning after their break. Rae’s back at work tomorrow, just in time for the heatwave ahead. Thankfuly we’ve now got our blinds installed so between them and wen should have the 38, 39, 40 and 40 degree days covered. We’ll worry about our carbon emissions and elctricity bill later.

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  1. Hah! And I haven’t even told the world that your kids are winos yet. See how nice I am to you?

    Not looking forward to the hot weather. You may see me again, pillow in tow, as you have A/C that works properly.

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