End Of The Beginning

Tonight is the end of the beginning for our new home. Rae goes back to work tomorrow, after almost a month off. It seems like an eternity ago we were packing our life in boxes and calling on the help of friends to get us in here.

Now a few weeks after we moved in we can look back and see how far we’ve come. It’s slowly becoming our home after we got the carpet in, survived idiot neighbours on new years eve, had the air conditioning balanced in time for the hot weather, survived on a wireless internet connection for what seemed an eternity, made friends with the guys across the road, got the clothes line and letter box up, unpacked most of the garage and just these past couple of days had our drive poured.

This week it’s just me and the kids again, I hope I haven’t lost the knack, it’s going to be tough as the young un’s have become very accustomed to having their mum around. It’s seems Dad hugs just don’t have the same calming power as a Mum hug. I guess we’ll have to work on the new routine too with different surrounds and no back yard to play in.

While we’re all adjusting we’ll be working around guys installing fly wire screens on sliding door, some extra wiring and (finally) having blinds installed over the next few days. After that the bank balance will be zero and the house will be settled for a long time as we start saving for the next round of development, things like decking, landscaping and some new furniture.

I’m going to miss having Rae home, but at the same time this is really the start of what we’ve been dreaming about and planning for for years, and I can’t wait.

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