We’re Excited Now

Last week when Veronica and Steve had a look at our house (and Daniel and Marita tried to) we were happy that one wall of our garage had bricks on it and there were a few bricks down one side. As we drove out for our weekly inspection this morning we weren’t expecting much, it has been an atrocious week weather wise and the most we hoped for were a few more bricks down the side.

Didn’t we get a shock.

Bad weather or not the house has suddenly had a massive spurt and we were like giddy children running around looking at all that had been done.

In this past week the garage wall was completed, the side wall was completely bricked up, most of the back and other side are well under way, insulation had been installed in all of the walls, the central heating unit was installed, the evaporative air conditioning has been installed, all power points and light switches have been wired, flexible ducting is in place for the vents and some plastering has commenced.


Our Lovely Brick Wall 

Frames, Pipes, Wires, Insulation - We Got The Lot Wiring

Rae, The Kitchen and Some Plaster

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