It’s Still the 1950s

Twice this week I’ve had the comment made to me along the line of I must be happy to go to work and leave the kids with mum to look after. Both times I’ve pointed out that actually it’s Rae who works and I’m home with the kids. Both times there’s been the slightest look of surprise before the person regained their composure. Makes me laugh.

3 Replies to “It’s Still the 1950s”

  1. Our favourite IT guy recently headed off to be a home daddy for a year too with his new little mini-geek. I think it’s delightful!

  2. My SIL once took the CP to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. He was told he had to check his backpack. He explained it was also hs diaper bag. The museum staff was quite flumoxed that: A)My SIL was there alone with his son. b)That he was carrying the “diaper bag”. It took special dispensation for him to continue with babay and bag. Meanwhile, moms with diaper bags went through without a hitch.

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