Inside Out But Thankfully Not Upside Down

We had a phone call last night from our builders. Apparently there is a massive shortage of brick layers at the moment and those they do have keep on running in to problems at other sites (just how many problems can there be when it comes to laying bricks?). This means the builders are about four weeks behind so it’s on to plan B.

They are now going to reverse build the house, effectively constructing it inside out. The plasterer starts on Wednesday and with no brickies in sight we have to hope that the insulation provides enough weather protection. Of course the builders say this isn’t a problem but it still makes us nervous.

The upside is that this means lock up, and the biggest part payment, is still a while a way and that some of the post-lock up work will be completed which will save us a little. Given how lax the builders are with security though we are going to have to hope wandering gangs of youth, spray cans in hand, don’t stumble across our block.

We also had to rush through pre-wiring for out telephone and thankfully found a company who could do it in the three business days notice we were so generously given. That sh0uld be going in this morning, although if all goes to plan there will never be a phone connected and then wire will only be used for Internet access. We’ll most probably go VOIP for our home phone needs and as kids seem to be born with a mobile in their hands these days my reckoning is the land line is a thing of the past. Sort of like doing things the right way round.

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  1. Friends of ours are building in NSW and they’re getting similar reports from their builders but they haven’t got to the stage of reverse building yet!
    Good luck 😉

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