In Training

Rae and I are in training. The room I’m looking forward to the most in our new house is the theatre room. I guess in the 80s it would have been called a rumpus room, in the 90s a retreat. Doesn’t matter what it’s called, it’s where our DVD collection and the good telly/sound system is going and it’s where you will find us most Friday nights.

To get in shape for the nights ahead we’ve been watching a few classics on. Recently there’s been The Sugarland Express, Goodfellas and last night it was Bullit. If we watch one movie a week it will take us just over 7 years to get through the collection assuming we don’t add any more. Then we go back and watch them all again with the commentaries, and then back to watch to the special features so that’s next 21 years or so of Friday nights taken care of. Talk about taking the long term view.

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  1. Great! Lots of opportunity to visit and get pizza. Hee. By the way, I forgot just how good Goodfellas was. I’ve got to get myself a copy of it now.

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