Putting Things Off And Technology Prices

Argh, after almost 38 years you would think I would learn to stop putting things off, it just makes things so much harder. I’ve been looking at the jungle in our front and backyard for almost three weeks now, and it was only when Bert came running out of the grass pursued by a tribe of naked savages (okay, must stop watching Indy films) that I got off my bum and mowed them. Wow, who knew we had a cubby house in the backyard. A good mate of mine once told me the thought of doing the lawns was always much worse than actually doing them and he’s right. It’s good exercise and the place looks so much better once they are done.

Thankfully I took advantage of the good weather as it has clouded over since then, and that sounds like rain on the carport roof. Now all I have to do is tackle the paper work that is threatening to bring down the shelving above my desk.

Prior to the lawns we went out to the block. The fencing contractor was there building a fence between us and our neighbours. It was good to get a real sense of the size of our block and how much space we will have. The slab has been poured and looks, well, very slabish. Without walls the place looks tiny, it’s hard to believe it will be the same size as the display home we looked at.

Unfortunately there won’t be any pictures of the slab as the card in my camera decided to corrupt itself on the trip out there. We use the camera almost daily with the kids so we decided to pop in to Dick Smith on the way home to pick up a new 1GB XD card. It cost $24, which is amazing when you consider the 512MB card it is replacing cost approx $150 just three years ago. If we could have waited a no-name 1GB from Ebay would have only been $14. That’s just incredible – twice the storage for one tenth of the price in just three years. God bless Moore’s Law.

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  1. I usually procrastinate about the lawns till the tribe of pygmy’s complain about lack of sunlight to their temples…then I drags out me old trusty push mower and gets me a great aerobic workout 😉

    Have more old sign pics to post to you later today.

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