Standing In For Jen

This post is for Jen because (a) we miss her and (b) she can’t blog at the moment.

Jen’s-But-Actually-Tony’s-So-Don’t-Blame-Her Song Of The Month.

It has to be Sonny J’s – Handsfree (Hold My Hand)

Fantastic song. Check.
Sounds like Nancy Sinatra. Check.
Great video that features :

  • Trailer trash
  • Funny cops with megaphones
  • Zombie dancing
  • Boot scooting
  • Lightning
  • Radioactive slime
  • Hot chick in boots with glowing eyes


Seriously, who could ask for more? It’s a Quentin Taratino film in three minutes.

2 Replies to “Standing In For Jen”

  1. Nice!

    Something I’m liking at the moment is The Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name, in the spirit of sharing… (though many hate it :))

  2. Awwww!!!!

    Still haven’t got the net back yet – its a long story but it involves Telstra. Who win Most Incompetent Company of the year award…

    Looks like it will be two months missed…. I honestly cannot even estimate when we will get the net back.

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