This Morning

Our house - ready to pour the slab.
Rocks - These came from our house.
Bert Entertains Me In The Car

A quick trip out to check on the block, if the weather holds they should pour the slab tomorrow (or given that’s when the first progress payment kicks in I should say poor the slab) then a quick stop and entertainment from Bert while Rae ran in for coffee.

Now it’s time to get a few days washing done before the next lot of rain hits, maybe some work on My Top Secret Project (no telling Andrew, Rae, Daniel,  Ren, or Rob. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound so top secret when I list those names.) and if all goes to plan it will be the latest Dr Who this evening.

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  1. My lips are sealed.

    I find this slab pouring method interesting. This is the way they are done now and have been for some time. My father used to pour slabs as just one large piece of concrete, called a floating slab. I must ask my brother about it.

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