Reasons To Be Careful

Reasons To Be Careful To Watch What You Say When You Have A Toddler #349.

When you are sitting on the couch with Nana and Uncle Rob after a lovely dinner and flicking through the channels on television your little will pipe up with “there’s just crap on the telly tonight mum”.

Oh my, he must have been listening to the neighbours most nights when they complain that “there’s nothing but crap on the telly again”. Yes, it must be the neighbours.

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  1. Oh jeez, yes, those neighbours are bad things.

    Meanwhile, Freddles wanders around the house pointing at things that piss him off while exclaiming “Bloodyhell, Erica!”

    This coming from the kid who’s first word was the f-bomb. In perfect context. And he wasn’t even two years old.

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