Two Smiles

Two things that made me smile yesterday.

1. The Coffee Guy

Normally I go to South Melbourne Market on a Sunday morning to do our grocery shopping and the last thing I do is grab a couple of coffees from the pizza guy to take home (along with donuts for the kids). I was in the area yesterday afternoon and as we needed a lettuce I dropped in to the market to get one.

It was 3ish, time for a coffee, so I walked around to the pizza boys for a takeaway. The young guy who makes the best coffee looked at me and said “hey, it’s not Sunday morning!”. When you consider I don’t go every week, and have been going less often lately, and the hundreds of coffees he’d make each day I was impressed.

2. Indy Is Back

No American readers, not the cars. Indiana Jones, the man in the hat, is back. When I first read about the new film I was worried they had pushed the series one film too far but after watching the trailer (see umpteen billion times yesterday I can’t wait. Nanas be on notice – you’re baby sitting the weekend this is released.

3 Replies to “Two Smiles”

  1. Indy is just… so wrong. There’s no need for a revival, seriously. It’s going to hurt seeing Harrison trying to keep up with a younger guy. Then again, at least he’s not pulling a Stallone and going absolutely mental with the steroids.

  2. That’s what I thought Ren but after watching the trailer I think you can see they’ve factored that in to the storyline. He is older, his timing is off but the essential Indy is there. The story is set in the late 50s so everything has aged. I hold out high hopes.

  3. I had a cab ride the other day where I felt v.uncomfortable for the first 3 mins – the cabbie was eyeballing me big time through the rear-view mirror. After a while he asked “How’s the flat going?” After my initial freak out and “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?” it turned out that he was the same cabbie that took me to the Real Estate Agent the day we got our keys. I apparantly babbled hysterically the whole way out of excitement and it made me ‘memorable’. He could tell me where he picked me up from, the name of the real estate agent, where the flat was, Kristian’s name…the works. I’m still a little freaked out, but v. impressed with his memory. That was 6 months ago!!

    We’ll have to check out your coffee dude at the SM Markets next time we’re there…

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