Speed Web Development

Four hours ago this site didn’t exist but the client needed a new site by tomorrow to show to a “huge client”. Now, if you need to know anything about payphones in Melbourne, Australia you can find it at www.payphonesaustralia.com.au. Sure there’s a lot of work still to do but from nothing to this with no notice, I’m happy.

(And yes, that is a bit of baiting for a particular search engine.)

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  1. Unfortunately Jen that’s indexing an old holding page done by someone else. I need the new pages to show up, and preferably a little higher. The site is well structured HTML/CSS with good friendly page titles and descriptions on the key pages. Fingers crossed it shouldn’t take too long. There’s a lot more I can do to make it more appealing to said search engine but I just didn’t have the time tonight.

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