Long Distance Pizza

My little sister, who lives about 200kms away, has had a rough week so we thought we’d do something to let her know we were thinking of her. Rae thought of sending her some chocolates, but being Friday and knowing what a pain Friday dinners can be I suggested we buy her pizza for dinner and have it delivered.

We tried a couple of the local pizza places but none would accept credit card payment over the phone so we ended up ordering online with Pizza Hut. I know, I know, but it was the only way Helly was going to get the promised pizza (and garlic bread) from us. We placed the order online for delivery in Shepp and that was done.

Apparently the following conversation ensued when it was delivered.

PizzaHutGuy : “I need someone to sign for the credit card.”

Helen : “Oh, it’s my brothers, he is shouting us dinner.”

PizzaHutGuy : “Is he in there?”

Helen : “No. He’s In Melbourne.”

PizzaHutGuy – puzzled look.

Helen : “He ordered it for us on the internet.”

PizzaHutGuy : “But how can he order something on the internet for here from Melbourne?”

Helen : “How about I just sign for it?”

PizzaHut Guy : “Ah, okay.”

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