A Thousand Thank You’s

St Michael’s Grammar School, I can not thank you enough. You have saved Melbourne’s last single screen cinema, the wonderful Astor Theatre. Hopefully my kids will still be able to struggle to find a park, try to figure out which of the doors are open, walk up the stair case, grab one of the last over stuffed chairs, have a chat with friends before the screening, enjoy a couple of wonderful films in the most uncomfortable seats you could wish for and then try to beat the traffic lights as they run up Chapel St in search of something to eat while they talk about the movies they have just watched.

The Astor is an amazing place, a tiny piece of Melbourne’s soul,  and is hopefully now safe for many years to come. From me, and every cinema loving Melbournian, thank you St Michael’s, we  (and Marzipan) will be forever in your debt.

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