A Little While Later

It’s amazing just how much time raising four kids (three under the age of 2 with two of these three being six weeks old), working a full time job, running your own business and trying to keep a marriage, family and house together takes.

In lieu of writing here’s a couple of pictures from a quick trip up to Shepp today, the babe’s first real outing. Yummy things were for a pre-birthday party for Bert who turns 2 on Monday. (More photos on Flickr)


4 Replies to “A Little While Later”

  1. My goodness, they’ve changed so much in just a few weeks. You must be so proud of them.

    Meanwhile, those sweet treats look delicious. Especially love the full-on Nanna patty cakes, and the decorated bikkies. Well done to the chef!

  2. Those biscuits are fantastic!! I love them. The thought of the 4 kids is giving me the heeby jeebys but the biscuits are great.

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