Tempted? No, Not Really.

Phee loves to watch Temptation every night. Like everyone else I sit there and yell the answers, especially loudly if the contestants have no idea. Sometimes I dream I should give it a go. If I hit a good night, if there weren’t too many questions on Geography, I could even be in with a shot. And I’d get to meet Livinia, who I have fallen in love with ever since I found out she is a fellow Tigers supporter.

Then I remember it would involve being seen by a million or so people and I realise I’m more than happy being the couch champ.

2 Replies to “Tempted? No, Not Really.”

  1. I’d thought the same thing many a time but I figured I’d fail the audition as everytime I got one wrong I’d automatically swear out loud. 🙂

  2. Hey Tony, you could at least ring up the next time they offer seats in the studio audience! I went when a friend of mine organised tickets for her newphew when he came of age (you have to be 11 or thereabouts to be in the audience…) and it was a fun, *free* day out!
    You and Phee could have an outing!

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