Still Here

Yes, I’m still here. Hope you all understand it’s a little tough to get time to sit and write at the moment but as today marks four weeks since the Henry and Kennedy arrived I should do a little update.

We’re all getting through, although some only just. My poor Rae is permanently exhausted with round the clock feedings and very little time for anything else. Bert is completely enamored of the new arrivals and walks around calling his version of their names (Arry and Enady). Phee is being a big help with Bert and slowly coming around to the new arrivals, just as she did with Bert.

I’m back at work and it’s tough to leave Rae and the kids each morning. The house hasn’t fallen apart yet but a lot of things are just being let slide. Who needs folded clothes anyway? Thankfully any visitors we’ve had haven’t run screaming when confronted with a less than perfect house. What good friends we have.

I’ve got about five chapters in to Harry Potter but I can barely keep my eyes open when I hop in to bed at night so I’m just going to have ride my luck for a while and hopefully not find out what happens before I can get a while to finish it. Wish me luck.

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  1. Wishing you the best of luck to read the book! I’ve never honestly gotten into Harry. I know, one of the few. Just didn’t. Maybe when Sarah gets a bit older I’ll buy them, and we’ll read them together, or one after another?

    I can’t imagine how tired Rae must be 🙁 Ugh, ugh, ugh. Hopefully the twins growth will even out, and they’ll be starting to get enough food in their tummies to sleep a bit longer. I know, it’s SO tough the first few weeks. Hang in there dear, you’ll manage!

    (((((hugs))))) sent from Canada to all of you.

  2. Hang in there mate, sounds like you have a well oiled and trained family doing a great job. Look forward to more updates!

  3. Similar but I guess half the problems at the highriser’s sister’s abode. How can a baby sleep so soundly during the day but so badly at night?

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