How Long Is Long Enough?

Beth has done it, Jenny is doing it at work, Rae is doing it right now and I want to get to it quickly. Ren even did it backwards.

Of course I’m talking about reading Harry Potter. My problem is that as the days tick by I am at increasing risk of finding out The Way It Ends, and I really don’t want to. I’m going back to work tomorrow so I will have even less time to make a start, let alone finish the book, and I’m worried.

How long is it before people will assume it’s safe to start talking about The Deathly Hallows without giving out a spoiler warning? Maybe the world needs to set some sort of cut off date, taking in mind recently arrived time consumers.

4 Replies to “How Long Is Long Enough?”

  1. Har Har Har!…thats my evil I’ve read it too pirate laugh.

    I’m not talking about it yet…

    I would say a couple of weeks

  2. I’m petrified someone is going to ruin it for me! I always re-read the series when a new one comes out and I’m nearly finished Half Blood Prince… I almost don’t want to read it because then it’s all over!

  3. I think Jen has it about right. I haven’t read it but do know the ending and juicy bits (thank YOU, Internet … really, thank you …) and I won’t talk about it even casually for at least a fortnight to avoid spoiling for anyone. After that, it might slip out (I’ll be less careful anyway).

  4. I’ll be putting up a post, but there will be a big frickin’ sign that says spoilers and a whole bunch of nonsense for a paragraph or two just in case someone has “first paragraph/sentence” checked on their RSS feeds.

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