A Bright Winter

Solstice has passed, from here on out it’s more light, warmer weather and bring on summer. Okay, I may be getting a little bit ahead of myself there as we’ve still got most of winter to come but I’m glad to see our longest night has gone.

It’s an odd winter this year. Normally by this time I’m hating each day, moaning about getting up in the dark and getting home in the dark but for some reason it hasn’t hit me as hard this year. The winter blues seem to have been kept at bay for now. Maybe it’s all the nervous energy being spent on waiting for the twins to arrive that’s kept me distracted, or maybe it’s because I’m frantically busy with work that I haven’t noticed how glum the day outside is. Whatever the reason, it’s a pleasant change.

3 Replies to “A Bright Winter”

  1. RE: Solstice, the DJ on the radio yesterday said “Now summer is JUST around the corner!” Heh. Not quite.

  2. Well, that’s pleasant news to read! We’re at the height of our daylight hours here. Hard to get the kids into bed before 9:30 pm, since it’s daylight until then. Thankfully just Friday left to go for school, then Sarah is off for July and most of August with summer hols.! Beach, sun, here we come. Yes, it’ll take a few months before you get some extra daylight hours but don’t worry, it’s coming ๐Ÿ™‚ So’s Christmas ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I imagine with the flurry of activity at your place you wouldn’t have a spare second to get stuck in the winter doldrums – or that you’d even notice the cold. But it is particularly cold right now isn’t it? I reckon it feels like late July/early August.

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