Look Ma, No Wires (And A Latte)

This is the life. Steak sandwich, wonderful latte’s and wireless for all. Yep, The Famous Blue Raincoat now offers wireless access so I may never have to work in an office again. If I can keep my latte bill less than my travel expenses to and fro I may never leave this couch.

And just to prove what a geek I am here’s a photo I just took with my phone, sent to Flickr and put in here. Just ’cause I can.

Lunch at The Coat

2 Replies to “Look Ma, No Wires (And A Latte)”

  1. Ah wireless… how you constantly, annoyingly, infuriatingly ellude me, even though we have you set up in our house…

  2. As someone who is IN an actual office today, a PUBLIC HOLIDAY, I object in theory and in practicality to this post.

    It’s SO unfair.

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