G, What Great News

Once was cool, twice, well, that’s pretty amazing.

The first time was Veronica and Steve and as I don’t know just how public a knowledge it is I won’t say who the second couple are but they are pregnant too. Yep, I’ve found about a pregnancy while at at Tigers game at The MCG twice now. So congratulations to Couple Two, hope all goes well and this one joins their elder brother as a Tigers supporter. 

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  1. Remember clearly. was after the tiges gave us a absolute hiding, wanted to leave early but Veronica wanted to catch up with you. Snuck u into the MCC members (where all big news breaks) after finally getting you away from taking pics of the scoreboard (Remember those days when Richmond could even beat Carlton!!!)
    Rob is not pregnant again is he????

  2. Thanks Tony. Patrick, Angus and Owen are pretty excited about the prospect of another Walker kidlet running around. Whether he/she ends up being a Tigers or Saints fan I’m sure their future will be filled with the same highs and (many) lows.

    Karen and Michael

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