Who Listens To What Radio?

Blergh. That’s how I feel about our morning wake up at the moment.

For years we had the radio on 774 but a while ago Red began to grate. What once was fresh and witty had become boring, self obsessed and repetitive. I think it became too much when the expat segment overstayed its welcome by at least six months, even Red sounded bored when he wasn’t busy insulting the people he was speaking to.

We began a wander over the dial. Rae is working her way through the FM breakfast crews/mobs/cages/whatevers but I can’t stand them. The forced mega-levels of fake ‘fun’ actually make me get out of bed as soon as the radio kicks in. One morning I’d love to hear a dj say ‘god, I had a crap night. I’m just going to play a song’.

I don’t listen to local radio at all – the only stations I to listen are 6 Music (BBC 6) and Team 1040 from Vancouver for the hockey. If I’m in the car or away from a PC I have my iPod or podcasts to keep me entertained. Surely there has to be someone worth listening to from 6.15 to 7.00am. If I had my way I’d record the last hour of Chris Hawkins’ show each afternoon and have it play on the pod the next morning (the time calls would match) but Rae says that’s a little excessive.

So, any advice?

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  1. Well, I usually have a whole lot of ABC programs downloaded to listen to in the car, but – when I haven’t charged my palm pilot, I listen to RRR – the music is generally good and the chat isn’t too grating…

  2. I am a 774 fan, in general …. but not enough to listen to it other than over the general airwaves … other than the odd interesting Podcast.
    Red S. does not inspire me, but I do appreciate his knowledge, quick wit, and intellect …. just it does not really “float my boat”.
    I was genuinely impressed with Helen Razer in the morning timeslot in the summer of 05/06.
    The odd break from Red for the occasional week with the likes of Helen would give me more colour in the morning.

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