I Need Time Off

I need to take a month or so off. No, not because I’m ‘burnt out’ or have had enough or want to travel.

I’ve simply got too much television to watch.

This is what I currently have sitting on my hard drive :

To Watch Now :

  • Heroes (2 eps)
  • Lost (2 eps)
  • Life On Mars (3 eps)

Series I Haven’t Started

  • Veronica Mars (Season 3)
  • Rome (1st half of season 2)
  • Dexter (Season 1)
  • Deadwood (Season 3)
  • Torchwood (Season 1)
  • Six Feet Under (Season 5)
  • Battlestar  Galactica (7 episodes  from season 2 and approx 14 so far from season 3)
  • Sarah Jane Adventure (Dr Who spinoff pilot movie)

Coming Up

  • Dr Who season 3 (March 31)
  • Weeds season 3

And then there are all seasons of The Sopranos on DVD to get through.

Maybe I could get an optometrist to sponsor me to stay home and do nothing but watch television.

4 Replies to “I Need Time Off”

  1. And the footy’s just around the corner, so there’s a half day of each weekend out.

    Unless you take your laptop to the footy and watch tv there?

  2. Heh, or find yourself a sugar momma to keep you in the lap of luxury while you catch up on all those shows.

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