Getting Closer

I think there were three pages of footy stuff in the Hun today. After weeks of tennis and cricket and scouring the sports pages for the one paragraph on summer training there are signs the season is getting closer and, just to confirm this, an email arrived today saying was open for business again!

So, The Tony Malloy Memorial Tipping Competition is on again. The fight begins now for posession of The World’s Ugliest Trophy and the glory of taking it from Marita’s hands (or from the top of a cupboard in her house).

So to be in the running, and on the list for the Grand Final BBQ, head on over to and join the competition called “Tony’s Tipping”.

Go on, you know you want it.

The Lonely Prize - The World's Ugliest Trophy

3 Replies to “Getting Closer”

  1. 3 pages?????? 2 and 3 quarters about Carlton i suspect. The days when Richmond were in finacial trouble, I really enjoyed footy, now it sucks, although the mighty club (once) sent my little fella a fantastic photo frame today, pity they dont look after the members that vote with the same sort of paraphenallia(Tony get a spell check in the reponse page!!)

  2. No, I really, really don’t want it. But I’ll join the footy tipping this year for fun. See if I can’t pull a decent result this time around. I can make some really ugly jewellery to go with the pot, if you like. *LOL*

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