Australia Day

As Kenny would say,

“Australians all let us ring Joyce,
For she is young and free.”

We spent Australia day traveling to and from Shepp to say hi to mum and Helen. It’s a two hour trip each way but with a good lunch and lots of good chats thrown in, the day and its kilometres was well worth it.

Coming back we rang for fish and chips (Blackshaws Rd Fish and Chips, consistently the best fish and chips I have ever had) and after hanging up I realised I had stumbled across one of life’s great mysteries.

Why do fish and chip shops never ask for your name and a number when you place an order for pick up but pizza shops always do?

6 Replies to “Australia Day”

  1. While I am only guessing at your age, maybe it only young people who order and don’t pick up pizzas. Family people order fish and chips and are much more reliable. Interesting point. Never thought of it. I work in area where there is a lot of take away food shops and the private shcool children can be seen in them all, except the fish and chip shop.

  2. I just finished writing my [belated] Australia Day post, came over here, and found that you were fish and chipping as well. My sister lives in Altona – I’m scheduled to head over there to give computer tuition, and I’ll suggest that payment should be in fish and chip from Blackshaws Road…

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