Okay, I get the hint.

Sitting at a red light at  the intersection of Kings Way and Albert Rd on the way to work this morning I was listening to the latest G’day World podcast when I hear the unmistakable crunch of plastic and metal.

Centimetres away from my rear right panel two cars had crunched . It looks like the one in the far lane had tried merging left only to be met solidly in their rear wheel by a car in the lane next to me. I watched in the mirror as both drivers sat for what seemed an age staring straight ahead, as if by shear force of ignoring they could make this hassle go away. Sadly for them the cars didn’t magically untangle and they both hopped out, pen and paper in hand. Behind them traffic two lanes of traffic were already banking up.

A police road worthy narrowly missed on Saturday then one car and ten centimetres off an accident this morning. I think someone is trying to tell me something and I may drop in to get my tyres inspected on the way home today.

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