Thank You Idiots

Generally I complain about idiots on the road and wish they had just stayed at home. Today, for the first time ever I actually thanked one for being out and about.

We were picking up Phee from nana’s when we were motioned off the road by police to join a queue of cars. it quickly became obvious it was a road worthy check. I look after my car well, there’s no problems with it. Only thing is I need to get my tyres looked at. They have a few k’s on them, no way approaching bald, but could probably be replaced if I was being super diligent.

As the cars moved forward I noticed that when it came to okay looking cars the only thing the group of police seemd to check were the tires. Bugger. This had the potential to turn in to an expensive pick up.

Then salvation came in the form of a white late 80’s Toyotta Corolla.

This car, rear bumper almost falling off and missing a rear light, was two cars in front. You could practically see the cops salivate as it ground to a stop. They didn’t take long to pull it over to the side and all of the squad decended on the travelling pile of scrap with great zeal; pads and pens at the ready. We got our turn two cars later, and all the lone policewoman left looking after the remaining cars could do was check Rae’s license and the rego.

Off to Beaurepairs this week I think.

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