Power Play

I created and now oversee the web site for Melbourne Ice, Melbourne’s team in Australia’s national (ice) hockey league. As part of this I get some of the email from the site and one of the most frequent questions is “where can I watch NHL hockey games in Melbourne?”. Most often people want to know where they can watch their team, and a surprising number of these queries are fellow Canuck supporters.

I always have to email back that, as far as we know, no one shows hockey games in Melbourne, that it’s a sad thing and we wish the situation was different.

Now things have changed and there aren’t enough hours in the day any more.

The NHL and Google Video have made every international fans dream come true. You can now watch NHL video, for free and without commercials on Google Video. You can watch them online or, as I’m doing right now, download them to watch on your iPod/PSP/PC at a later date.

Google, I’d marry you. If I could. And I wasn’t already married.

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