Kids & Sleep

Kids and sleep don’t really mix. Two nights ago it was Bert who decided to cry from midnight to 2.00 am which made for a blurred day on Thursday. Last night Bert slept but it was one of  the fury kids who has me wanting to go to bed at 8:30 on a Friday night.

I woke up an hour and a half before the alarm and as I rolled over to go back to sleep I had a thought. “I can’t remember seeing Bella last night.”. As everyone else was asleep I couldn’t really go around the house calling for her or turning on lights. I checked Rae’s side of the bed, no cat lumps there so I was convinced she wasn’t in the house.

Now I really couldn’t sleep, going over last night trying to place Bella in the house but I still couldn’t remember seeing her. Then I realised it was blowing a gale outside and I had pictures of my little girl being picked up in a cyclonic gust and deposited on top of one of the lights in the middle of the Westgate Freeway.

Thoughts of flying cats kept me tossing and turning until the alarm went off. Even though I could barely open my eyes I got up, walked out to the lounge and saw Bella sitting on the couch. I swear she knew and was having a little chuckle with Thomas about what a panic merchant I am.

Kids. Harumph.

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  2. I’m constantly worried that I’ve ended up shoving one of my cats into the dryer and obsessively check for them when I haven’t seen them for longer than a five-minute stretch. They like to investigate what I’m doing. Found found them both in the washing machine at one time, though they weren’t too happy about being doused with laundry powder.

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