Fully Sick

Phee has a new word, ‘sick’. Anything that’s remotely impressive gets a ‘wow, that’s sick’. DVDs, television shows, jelly for dessert – they’re all ‘sick’. About the only thing she wouldn’t be calling sick at the moment is her dad, and that’s because I am.

August has not been a good month for health in the Malloy household. We all had a lovely bug earlier this month, some worse than others, and now I’ve been hit with the flu. It started on Tuesday, I began crashing at work on Wednesday and have spent the past two days in bed. I’m up today but I’ve had to pull out of the Tiger’s second last game for the year, I’m just not well enough yet to go. Hopefully a day of taking it easy today and another restful day tomorrow will have me back on track by Monday. I’m really looking forward to September and a bit of good health.

On the postive side while lying in bed I have managed to catch up on a few episodes of Battlestar Galactica. It’s sick television, in every sense of the world.

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