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A quick update on The Telly.

I should start by saying that as Josh and Pippa suggested I had already tried the turn off at the power point approach, and it had made a marginal improvement but the colour blob was still strong, which is why I had to resort to the degaussing wand.

After two separate sessions with the wand the problem is almost gone. Where as once the colour blob would show up on almost any colour background, most noticeably on blue (as red) and red (as blue) and green (as brighter green) I’ve got it down to where it’s only noticeable as a pale, pale, pale green glow on skin tones and white. It’s 100% better than it was but still not fixed completely.

I’m hoping the turn off at the wall approach will shortly take care of this residual problem, if not I may have to turn to a professional for assistance. Or buy a new LCD screen. I figure both should cost about the same.

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