Accidentally Sleeping With Harry

Bella sleeps on our bed most winter nights while Tom sleeps on Phee’s. I try not to disturb her if I have to get up and I worm my way around her as I get back in. I was woken early this morning by something, got up, came back and found the familiar lump right in the middle of my legs. I squashed down, she didn’t move and it was back to sleep.

This morning Rae got out of bed first, as she usually does, so I lay there trying to summon the will to rise. The little lump hadn’t moved at all so when I finally dragged myself out I reached out to give it a pat only to find I had spent the night with Harry Potter curled up in the crook of my knees. I must have fallen asleep so quickly I didn’t move Mr Potter to the bed side table where he normally resides. I went out in to the lounge and there was a very grumpy looking little girl glaring at me from her cushion. Sorry Bella, tonight the bed is all yours.

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