Feeling Flat No Longer

I knew I loved 6 Music for the music but I had no idea it would make me feel better about myself. Chris Hawkins today was talking about how he had to call his breakdown service when he got a flat on the weekend because his wife wasn’t in the car to change it or tell him what to do.

You have no idea what a relief it was to hear that another man (if I may use that term given what we are talking about) is totally dependant upon his wife when it comes to car related disasters. Now I know there’s two of us, admittedly on opposite sides of the world, maybe we could form a club: The Mainly Useless Motor Mechanics with Y chromosone Boys.

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  1. Umm, I’m the guy who was stressed one morning and forgot to switch off the immobiliser, and called out the RAC because my car wouldn’t start. I think I qualify to be a member.

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