Trying To Save Our Marriage

Today we bit the bullet, hired a professional and spent $99 in an attempt to save our marriage.Yes, we had our doona dry cleaned, refilled and had Rae’s side made ‘1 Blanket’ warmer than mine. The nice man collected it at 7:30, even bringing me the paper and he brought it back this afternoon. We went the ‘Marriage Saver’ package because Rae needs her doona even on the hottest of summer nights. In winter a simple doona is enough for me while my wife hides under as many blankets and layers of clothes as she can find. I won’t even mention the thick socks too.

Hopefully this may change a little now, if not I’ll have the experience should I fall in love with an Eskimo once the divorce comes through.

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  1. Anthony/Tony
    PLEASE do tell where you had your doona cleaned and re-stuffed. The people I took mine to some years ago have disappeared.

  2. Hi Glen,

    It was the Superior Quilt Company, and we’re still married so they must have done something right.

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