Pass Me A Fresh Pair Of Boxers

Oh boy, my heart is still racing.

Bert normally goes down for a nap about 9, which is when I have my morning coffee and a quick flick through the paper. I have an old coffee maker that I use just for steaming/frothing my milk as I make my coffee with a stove top espresso maker. I put the steamer on, let it build up, put the boy in bed and go back and make my coffee.

This morning I put the steamer on as I was doing the morning dishes. Bert was playing with a measuring cup on the floor. I finished the dishes, picked up the boy and took one step when BANG the kitchen was suddenly a steam bath and everything was sopping wet. The steamer had exploded. Everything is under control now. I’ve mopped up, the steamer is sitting outside waiting for next week’s garbage collection and Bert is about to put in bed but I can tell you; if you want a good ole fashioned scare just let a little steam pressure explode a metre away from you.

I think I’ll stick to plunger from now on.

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