Try In Vein

I don’t give it up easily, that’s for sure. Every time someone tries to get a needle in my arm it ends up being a battle royale between my arm and the syringe.

I had my bone/CT scan today to try and figure out what’s up with my foot. It took the guy five minutes to locate a vein in my arm, and even then he wasn’t that confident. “Um, I think I’ve got a tiny one on the side here,” he said after his first attempt failed. Thankfully it was just large enough to accept the radioactive dose. The same thing happens whenever I have to give blood, there’s always furrowed brows and much tapping of the arm before they can extract the tiniest of amounts.

It looks like there’s something wrong – there was a very bright white band across the middle of my foot. I won’t find out what it actually means until Friday though. Oh, and there was another bright white spot on the toe I damaged a while back. Maybe I did actually break it.

2 Replies to “Try In Vein”

  1. Yay! Good for you.

    I have exactly the same thing when I go and give blood, sometimes they even give up after going after both arms!! Selfish vampire I am

  2. My veins always collapse at the last minute. The first time I had blood taken from me (on a voluntary basis), the nurse spent a good 45 mins trying to find a vein. My arms didn’t work, the back of my hands didn’t work, my feet (yes, feet) didn’t work. They finally resorted to squeezing blood from my fingertips. Needless to say, I wasn’t able to type for a few days.

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