Open House

As Mel has already pointed out after what seemed an endless run of bleak, grey days here in Melbourne town the sun has finally put its hat on and come out to play. At the Malloy residence every door is open, as is every window. Three loads of washing are on the line, one is in the machine and another is piled ready to go. We’re ouside now with Bert having his morning tea (a rusk) while he sits in his swing. Bella is lying on her back soaking up the delicious rays and I’m working on the laptop in a t-shirt.

It’s too nice a day to waste, once this work is done Bert and I are off for a stroll. I think I can feel lunch at The Coat coming on.

Happiness Is A Full Clothes Line


Bert and I had a lovely lunch in the garden at The Coat. You can see (courtesy of my phone) what Bert shared with me and their resident visiting cat on my Flickr page.

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